NZ through our eyes

Aotearoa Quilters sponsored a competition with several unique sizes.  You had to make a mini quilt showing a part of NZ that was special to you or reflected your view of our wonderful country.  The sizes were: 9″ x 9″, 18″ x 9″ Landscape or portrait and 18″ x 18″.  I chose the landscape 18″ x 9″.  It was a great shape to work with and I used it to reflect our NZ bush and ferns with the koru design.  I tried to show the light coming down through the trees to the undergrowth where the ferns love to grow.  After being shown at the Rotorua show in March 2019, it then went to the Ailsa Craig Exhibition in Canada and now the exhibitions is at the Pumanawa Gallery at the Arts Centre in Christchurch.  It will then be shown at the Auckland Quilt Symposium in October 2019

NZ Koru


2019 Dorothy Collard Challenge – Reflection

The Auckland Quilt Guild’s annual Dorothy Collard challenge for 2019 was on the theme ‘ REFLECTION.  The size was 30″ wide x 20″ deep.

I had been painting various Resene test pots onto canvas in readiness for some home renovations.  While browsing the Resene colour charts I found a beautiful blue called ‘Reflection’ and knew this was a perfect idea for the Challenge

My quilt ‘The perfect Blue’ won a merit award and was featured on the Resene Habitat blog.

Here’s the link to the Resene blog.

Reflection by Mary Metcalf


The quilt is based on one block which I made larger in EQ8 and also cut the block in half for the border blocks.  I had a plethoria of Tula Pink fabrics so decided it was time to use them.  They made for delicious colour combinations and I fussy cut many of the sections of the blocks to make them more interesting.

Once again Susan Trendall quilted it for me.  This was also shown at Festival of Quilts 2018 in Auckland

Kalaidoscope Nov 2018

Foxley Village

I also entered this into the Festival of Quilts 2018 in Auckland under Quilts made by two makers.  The pattern was Natalie Bird’s from Homespun magazine and Susan Trendall quilted it for me.

I then had the fun of choosing fabrics and colours.  I also decided to make the entire quilt by machine – that includes all applique, embroidery embellishments and even the binding.  My granddaughter Amelia will be the lucky recipient.  Not the best photo unfortunately so will try again when I get the quilt back.

Foxley Village



I have not been doing nothing……

I seem to have been doing a million and one things this year and have taken forever to finish some of my projects. I started a post grad certificate in November of 2016 and only finished it in July of this year, which meant that I had nothing finished for the NZ Quilt symposium. However, I have not deserted my ‘shed’ completely and the arrival of a new grand daughter has also kept me busy.  Two visits to Australia to make sure that I had my quotas of cuddles and there were plenty of requests for quilts and other sewing. The following photos are some of the projects that actually got completed in 2017:-


Hoffman cushion challenge

As Annie mentioned in her article we had this rather lovely piece of blue fabric with a white lacey effect.  The challenge was to produce a cushion so I figured I needed to make it 3 dimensional and I had fun with machine applique, silver piping around the petals and quilting.  It had to fit into a square which is why the petals are different shapes to fit into the prescribed shape.

I was delighted to find that I had won first prize and $200 of fantastic Brother thread for embroidery.  One box of country coloured cottons and one of beautiful rayons.  I have used them often and are a dream to sew and applique with.  Many thanks Brother.


If I only had Time – Dorothy Collard 2017

Once again my entry for the Dorothy Collard challenge was left until the last minute as I wrangled with ideas. I always seem to flounder when given a set topic and spend an inordinate amount of time overthinking the whole process. I should just trust my instincts and go for the first images that springs to mind and then build on that! Two of my favourite quotes are “Procrastination is the thief of time” and “I wasted time and now doth time waste me” from Shakespeare’s Richard 11, and after all these years you would think I would heed the advice.  These morphed, as my quilts seem to, into a cacophony of phrases, saying and proverbs about time set amidst a range of clocks and gears. No prizes this year but I had a lot of fun making it. I am always amazed at the interpretations of the theme and enjoy admiring other people’s artistry as they convey their thoughts and skills to the wider audience.