Hoffman Decor Challenge

Both Mary and I decided to enter the Hoffman Decor Challenge where we had to make a 15″ cushion cover using a specific piece of fabric.


The fabric chosen was a pretty lace like floral on a blue background. Mary will tell her own story but I, of course, procrastinated until it was almost too late. Once I decided to cut the fabric out from the blue background and rearrange it on a different background I was away. I auditioned a couple of background colours before deciding on the peacock blue. I perched a perky little bird on the top to complete the first half of the picture. The second half of the story is told on the reverse, where another bird is preening looking around for a mate. Both sides were heavily quilted with a variegated thread. My brother Mike, names the majority of my quilts and this one is named “It’s a bit lonely at the top”. I was delighted to be awarded second place and received some amazing Hoffman Batiks – thanks a million.

pillow frontpillow-back-e1509697977877.jpg

Hoffman cushion challenge

As Annie mentioned in her article we had this rather lovely piece of blue fabric with a white lacey effect.  The challenge was to produce a cushion so I figured I needed to make it 3 dimensional and I had fun with machine applique, silver piping around the petals and quilting.  It had to fit into a square which is why the petals are different shapes to fit into the prescribed shape.

I was delighted to find that I had won first prize and $200 of fantastic Brother thread for embroidery.  One box of country coloured cottons and one of beautiful rayons.  I have used them often and are a dream to sew and applique with.  Many thanks Brother.