Hoffman Decor Challenge

Both Mary and I decided to enter the Hoffman Decor Challenge where we had to make a 15″ cushion cover using a specific piece of fabric.


The fabric chosen was a pretty lace like floral on a blue background. Mary will tell her own story but I, of course, procrastinated until it was almost too late. Once I decided to cut the fabric out from the blue background and rearrange it on a different background I was away. I auditioned a couple of background colours before deciding on the peacock blue. I perched a perky little bird on the top to complete the first half of the picture. The second half of the story is told on the reverse, where another bird is preening looking around for a mate. Both sides were heavily quilted with a variegated thread. My brother Mike, names the majority of my quilts and this one is named “It’s a bit lonely at the top”. I was delighted to be awarded second place and received some amazing Hoffman Batiks – thanks a million.

pillow frontpillow-back-e1509697977877.jpg


‘If I only had time’ Dorothy Collard Challenge 2017

The late Dorothy Collard, a former member of Auckland Quilt Guild, left a bequest from her estate to the Guild to sponsor an annual challenge for five years.   After nine years, the Guild took over the sponsorship of this challenge.  Each year Guild members wait for the new Challenge Theme.  In 2017  the Theme was ‘If I only had time”.  I had this small set of fabric samples and one of them had power poles, so I thought of telephone lines and then keeping in touch with friends and loved one via the telephone.  I used tuis as representing me and my friends and a fun tree which I stretched out into two different sizes and used softer fabric to make them recede into the background.

Unfortunately it did not receive any prizes however I thoroughly enjoyed making the small quilt and will proudly hang it on my wall when it is returned to me.  You will be able to see it at the Festival of Quilts in November 2017 at the Auckland Netball Centre in St Johns, Auckland.
If you double click on the image it will open in a new screen and you will be able to see the detail.

I would phone my friends more…

Auckland Quilt Guild mid year challenge ‘Carnival’

July 2016 was the hand in day for the latest Auckland Quilt Guild mid year challenge.  The theme was ‘Carnival’ and the size just 12″ square.  I had fun with my carnival mask.  I painted fabric with pearlescent paint and then cut out the eyes of the mask and decorated the mask with more applique, paint and stitching before appliqueing it to the velvet background and slipping in some ‘real’ photograph of eyes.  I was happy that it received the Viewer’s Choice award at Festival of Quilt in November 2016.

‘Carnevale di Venezia’ Viewer’s Choice Award FoQ 2016

‘The space between’ Festival of Quilt Challenge 2016

I must be a bit of a sucker for these themed challenges.  I think purchasing the two fat quarters that came with this challenge means that I can’t not make something with them.  As usual the two fat quarters were of completely unmatching fabric both in colour and design – we had a ‘knitted’ effect blue and green pattern and a black fabric with streamers of brightly coloured spots.

my cut out puppet

I have always loved those paper marionettes that you cut out the limbs and use paper folding clips to make the legs and arms move.  The ‘knitted’ fabric called out for one of these puppets so I pretended that my quilt was actually a printed sheet of paper complete with instructions.  I made the puppet pieces as individual shapes using applique, paint, carded silk for the hair, lace etc.  I arranged the limbs into different poses and took photos before appliqueing the individual pieces to my ‘paper’ quilt. I used Inkjet fabric sheets from Electric Quilt to print the photos and the instructions onto fabric.

Below is the completed quilt.  I’m delighted to say that it won a ribbon for ‘Best use of challenge fabric’ at Festival of Quilts in Auckland in November 2016.


Puppet Pieces by Mary Metcalf



AQC ‘Tradition with a Twist’

AQC16 _finalist button_AQC Challenge (400x400)A few days ago I found out that my quilt was one of 20 chosen out of 88 entries for the Expertise Events, Australian Quilt Convention annual quilt competition.  This year the theme was ‘Tradition with a Twist’.  Here’s the link to see all the other finalists. 

Here’s my entry
best full quilt (640x619)

and here’s a close up of the green block
Metcalf Exotic Wildflowers 02 (595x640)
It all started with four bags of silk scraps from www.provenance.co.nz and a pile of crochet cottons and wool pieces and velvets.  Quite a lot of fabric in that pile didn’t make it into the quilt but it was a starting point.

and here’s some more photos of work in progress.

Festival of Quilts

Annie:- The Auckland Quilt Guild holds the Festival of Quilts every year in early November. As Guild members we are encouraged to enter our quilts and wall hangings and I must admit, it was at this show that I first exhibited in 2012. This year I entered three pieces. The first entry ‘Alphabet Quilt’ was from an Amy Bradley pattern. I bought this when I was in Houston in 2008 but until 2013 never had time to make it.  This was a fun applique quilt to do and I used the negative space behind each letter as a ‘free motion’ sampler.
Annie: Alphabet Quilt - Design Amy Bradley
The second piece, Pythagoras’s Lute, was meant to help me be more accurate with my piecing. Somehow I don’t think precise piecing will be my hallmark!! Still it is an interesting study.
Pythagoras's Lute
My third piece, ‘White on White’ was a marathon in its making! I was trying to get a 3D effect and I spent many days constructing paper models and using various fabrics and methodologies to try and achieve visually what was in my brain! While I was relatively happy with the result, it certainly wasn’t my original concept. However, it was different enough to win the ‘Wall Hanging, Amateur’ section and to my great surprise and delight, it also received ‘Viewer’s Choice’!! Wow! Maybe it was worth the hours of individually bagging and quilting each of the fins!! White on White 11 is underway!!

White on White 1

Colours Of New Zealand

Annie:- New Zealand Quilter magazine and Nutex combined to sponsor the Colours of New Zealand Challenge. At least 50% of the fabric used was required to be Nutex’s New Zealand Fabric. I was delighted to have my entry, ‘Haukainga’ (Home) accepted as one of the twenty quilts to tour throughout New Zealand. This was my first real success and it was pretty exciting to receive a year’s subscription to New Zealand Quilter and $100 worth of goodies as well! I used Mary’s koru templates to form my quilting lines in the negative space and I think it really added a kiwi influence to the whole quilt.
Colours of New Zealand
I was also pretty chuffed to also have two of my quilts, ‘Haukainga’ and ‘Love’ written up and photographed in The New Zealand Quilter, Issue 84.
NZ Quilter