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Dorothy Collard, 2016 – Freedom

I had just finished reading Glenda Millard’s, “Stars at Oktober Bend”. This book is written from the point of view of Alice, a fifteen year old who had an acquired brain injury.  While she had difficulty voicing her thoughts, she wrote them in beautifully crafted poems which she left around her town for strangers to find. Manny, a refugee and former child soldier who was struggling to establish a new life in Australia finds these poems. The resultant ‘conversant’ is sensitive and just plain beautiful. Written for young adults  encourage a love of poetry and the sheer beauty of the vocabulary will have you rereading lines just so you can savour the words for a second or third time. I choose of the quotes from the book to demonstrate the concept of Freedom. I was lucky enough to be awarded a Merit prize although I think it was the fabric choice rather than the execution of the quilt that won the day!!
“I amMERIT_AnnieWhite_Heartwords

a rooftop poet

High on haiku

Silently shouting

sonnets to the stars

giving wings to

words giving wings to me

together we fly

my milk-way words

and I”


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