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2015 Dorothy Collard Challenge

The Challenge for 2015 was ‘A NZ Book Title’. The Dorothy Collard Challenge is an Art Quilt Challenge and looks for ‘something different’ in the execution of the piece.

My quilt was based on the book by Chris Pugsley entitled ‘The Bloody Way Home’ and was awarded a merit prize and the viewer’s choice. The draw card, in also honesty, was that it was topical subject (Anzac Day being just around the corner) and the fact that the fabric used for the sky was spectacular (great to have a cool stash!!). The poppies were made of silk and then stitched onto the quilt.

The winner was ‘Tu’ made by Rona Keith, and merit prizes were also awarded to Alison Laurence and Debbie Jones. Below are their quilts (in order)  but all of the quilts can be viewed at http://www.aqg.org.nz/portfolio/dorothy-collard-challenge-2015-book-title/



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