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2015 New Zealand Quilt Symposium

Mary & I headed to Palmerston North for a few well deserved days of classes and shopping (of course!) The weather was fantastic and the hospitality great as we spit up to go to our various classes. I was doing a two day workshop with Rosalie Dace (www.rosaliedace.co.za) whose work I have admired forever. If you get the opportunity to meet or workshop with Rosalie, don’t turn it down – pure gold! Inspirational, challenging and grounding – Loved every minute of it. I actually finished the piece I started working on in that workshop (a rare feat) and it is one of my favourites. Entitled, “Turangawaewae”, (A place to stand), I dedicated it to my daughter Kiriana. It tells the story of her growing up in New Zealand, grounded in New Zealand culture and values and then the transition to Australia where now, as a grown woman, she teaches in remote Aboriginal communities in Cape York. It was Rosalie who supported and helped me believe that I could complete this piece – I love it!!!


Together we did a one day workshop with Karen Stone where amidst tons of laughter we made some clamshells and also Karen demonstrated her new hexagon method which certainly appealed to me! I think there will be a book out shortly so watch for it. Below are photos of the workshop and some of the samples we made. Sadly neither of us made our samples into anything but we did learn a few new sewing techniques and Karen’s quilts were a joy to look at.




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