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Exciting News!!

Annie: -Today I had some very exciting news. I had submitted an entry to be considered for the Living Colour travelling exhibition which will showcase works from 32 textile arts. These art works were to reflect the theme of the exhibition and be in 100 x 40 cm banner format. Well, today I had an email from Brenda Gael Smith, the curator of the exhibition to say that my work had been accepted! Mumma Mia!!! The exhibition will open at ACQ, April 10-13, in Melbourne and then will tour Australia, New Zealand, and I believe USA and France are scheduled. You can access the website via this link, http://livingcolourtextiles.com/ to see the artists and follow the blog or use the button in the right hand column. Sneak previews of the work also appear on the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LivingColourTextiles.


2 thoughts on “Exciting News!!

  1. Hi Annie – Congratulations! Just found your site via Living Colour!’s glimpse. Glad to see you and Mary keeping busy. And my quilt got accepted too, super excited that it’ll be hanging in good company! (Charlotte from Bay of Islands)

    • Hi Charlotte, I found your blog via the Living Colour site as well!! It’s all quite exciting isn’t it? – no doubt we will catch up soon.

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