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Festival of Quilts

Annie:- The Auckland Quilt Guild holds the Festival of Quilts every year in early November. As Guild members we are encouraged to enter our quilts and wall hangings and I must admit, it was at this show that I first exhibited in 2012. This year I entered three pieces. The first entry ‘Alphabet Quilt’ was from an Amy Bradley pattern. I bought this when I was in Houston in 2008 but until 2013 never had time to make it.  This was a fun applique quilt to do and I used the negative space behind each letter as a ‘free motion’ sampler.
Annie: Alphabet Quilt - Design Amy Bradley
The second piece, Pythagoras’s Lute, was meant to help me be more accurate with my piecing. Somehow I don’t think precise piecing will be my hallmark!! Still it is an interesting study.
Pythagoras's Lute
My third piece, ‘White on White’ was a marathon in its making! I was trying to get a 3D effect and I spent many days constructing paper models and using various fabrics and methodologies to try and achieve visually what was in my brain! While I was relatively happy with the result, it certainly wasn’t my original concept. However, it was different enough to win the ‘Wall Hanging, Amateur’ section and to my great surprise and delight, it also received ‘Viewer’s Choice’!! Wow! Maybe it was worth the hours of individually bagging and quilting each of the fins!! White on White 11 is underway!!

White on White 1


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